Please Donate Plasma

If you had the covid-19, then please consider donating plasma to save others!

Please know your blood and right now plasma is in dire need during the covid-19 pandemic. Doctors know that those who have recovered from the virus and test negative can donate plasma to help those who are very sick. Those who are critically ill will have plasmapheresis treatment, which gives the patient a good chance at fighting for life.

Currently, medical tests are being done to see if those who haven’t had the coronavirus have the antigens to fight it without actually having it. Please pray this is possible, as it would be a total game changer.

Praying for those serving on the front lines that God would protect them from infection and extra strength to continue to do their job. Praying also they get medical supplies needed and for a cure to be found quickly. Together, we can survive, but be safe, stay home, wash hands, wear a mask out in public, and stay 6’ apart.

Donate Plasma – Save Lives!

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