God’s Rainbow Sprinkles

In these times of uncertainty it best to be safe and to stay at home. This can be difficult for many, but it’s the only way to stop the infection. Again, this weekend and today I was reminded how fragile life is, as several people I know have lost someone they loved very much.

Today’s lesson from me to you is teach to you all instead dwelling on fact you’re isolated is to find ways to spread sprinkles of hope, love, and joy to others. It can be as simple as sharing encouraging thoughts or prayer on social media and emails to those you can’t go see. Another idea, I am helping is through our church will be feeding inner city children, as a community project to help keep children fed during this crisis.

Ask your children to draw and color rainbows for nursing homes or cards for elderly. Most of all, teach them know about God’s saving grace. Tell them that dying isn’t the end of the world. Rather, it’s a bright beginning of being with Jesus where there is no virus, pain, or tears. The kids need to know just cause your safe at home doesn’t mean they can’t help others. Consider doing for others, especially the elderly who shouldn’t go out.

Now remember class to share some God’s rainbow sprinkles of hope, joy, and love to make someone’s day extra special!

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