Cobol Programmers Wanted!

IBM is looking for Cobol Programmers, so last night I decided to look up some names on LinkedIn, and so we will see what happens. I know that my father, Robert Wisor, worked to develop the COBOL business module. Somebody out there must remember his name, as it would of been a team effort of some sort. My father worked as a programmer and consultant for several big corporations over the years, but I believe the last company may have the type of old schooled programmers needed to solve this Cobol issue.

Many state’s government and health networks run on Cobol, which is a very outdated programming language. My suggestion is for programmers to convert the Cobol program to SQL, which is already known to be able to handle today’s big data. It needs to be an enterprise system.

I understand that states may not of wanted to upgrade computer systems because of the costs involved, but now look what a fine mess were all in. Right now, it shouldn’t be about profit, it needs to be about processing government checks for people to survive. Those who know how solve this Cobol programming dilemma need to step up, so we can put people back to work sooner than later, even if it is remotely.

I agree our country needs architecture, but it needs to be internet networking architecture. The state highways can get fixed later. What we really need is faster internet connections for programmers, educators, and students. If not, then nobody will learn anything so they can upgrade the states ancient computer systems.

Yes, Cobol requires lots debugging of code and redoing file structure, but it’s not rocket science people. Figure out how to back the current data, flow chart the new system, export the old data into new cloud system by matching file structure, and print the government state checks. You can fix other stuff later. Code doesn’t have to look pretty, it just needs to work.

My folks and our grandparents helped put a man on the moon and a monkey in space, so somebody, somewhere surely can create a new database! We must think better, faster, smarter, and Wisor! Yes, that’s right Wisor, he was a genius, but I know he taught and worked with so many programmers over the years that one of you must know how to solve this dilemma.

So I, his daughter, can get back to teaching the next generation of future programmers the basics of data file structure used in today’s computer programming for tomorrow’s technology. Ps. If there is one thing I learned from my Dad besides God, is life we are to use your God-given talents for good, which means that Girls know how to code, too!


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