Pray for a Cure

And you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free – John 8:32.

How come elderly are most susceptible to Covid-19? What are the true facts? Is it they have no immune system or they do not the right antigens in their blood? Or because they’re often kept in close proximity?

What I like to know is how many that died, were treated with a flu shot? What’s in this year’s actual flu shot? If we are doing social distancing, then how come people are still dying?

How many covid19 patients have actually recovered from plasma? If this is working, then more people should consider donating. Is it possible to mass produce one’s plasma?

I am asking these questions because I want the vaccine to be right for everyone. For example, GBS is a rare flu virus and it was caused by several different possibilities like very bad chicken, or from bad flu shot, or someone else was carrier of it, or while on a plane was contracted and sat it dormant in a person. It affects mostly elderly, but can hurt children as well.

We have the right need to know what is the root cause of this horrible virus. We also need to know what’s in the vaccine before being injected. What are the side effects of this possible cure? Is it really wise to open up businesses without a trusted cure? Join me in praying for truthful answers.

Heavenly Father, please bring the right cure. Give wisdom to the medical researcher to develop the vaccine. Help keep those who are donating plasma strong, so they can continue giving it. Comfort those families who are grieving from loss. Bless the medical staff and military who are sacrificing themselves daily to assist others who are ill. Remove our fears and increase faith that You God have us in the palm of your hands. Grant wisdom to our government leaders to help restart economy when the time is right. Keep your beloved people from harms way. In Jesus name, we pray, Amen

Be safe my friends, wash hands, wear a mask and gloves while shopping until a cure is found. Whenever possible stay home.

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