Anxiety and Depression

When the cares of my heart are many, your consolations cheer my soul. Psalm 94:19

Right now many are trying to adjust to a new scene of normalcy due to loss. This pandemic is causing people to experience anxiety and depression like never before. Counselors are great as they can teach you coping skills to deal with hardship. But some may not have the funds to go nor insurance to cover therapy.

However, there is an even greater counselor that there 24×7 for you, He won’t charge you a dime either, and His name is Jesus. I find when I struggle in life that the best thing is to turn to God and seek His help. God love is unconditional and He accepts us just as we are. You can cast your cares on God, as He cares for you. God forgives all. The only thing God expects in return is your heart.

Have you given your life over to Jesus? Do you trust God enough to do what He says? Stop floundering and put your faith in Jesus today. Because God’s plan is better for you than anyone else’s. God can do more in a fraction of a second then you can ever imagine, if you only believe. You do not need to fret in darkness any longer, you only need to reach out to Jesus by stepping into the light, as He will be right there next with you always and forever. Jesus is waiting …

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