Education Matters

There are about 3 weeks left of the semester, so this blog is dedicated to the colleges students and teachers who have had their lives turned upside down due to the coronavirus pandemic. As a adjunct professor I faced the challenge of teaching remotely half the semester, which I enjoyed doing a lot. But remote teaching really does lack F2F interactions with students. Most students are doing excellent with the change to distance learning, but some chosen the option for pass/no credit for this semester, so it doesn’t affect their gpa.

Education Matters!

I pray for college students and teachers to continue to remain focused in order to finish the semester strong. I pray for other adjunct professors like myself, looking for classes to teach. No one knows if summer classes will be on campus yet, but luckily classes will run remotely due to technology. The same issue exists for the fall semester. Private colleges are able to run if the have good endowments, but community colleges are struggling without state funding. I pray for government to provide more funding to colleges and universities and reduce college student’s debt, so students can continue studying. We owe it to the younger generation for them to thrive, as they are our future leaders.

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