Show and Tell

Give instruction to a wise man or woman, and he or she will be still wiser; teach a righteous man or woman, and he or she will increase in learning. Proverbs 9:9

This week I am trying a new approach for engaging my students by asking them to share something they discovered while doing their research paper and presentation project. I found this way they are not sharing their entire presentation and that it became more of a q and a session between my students and me. I was able to give them positive feedback and it allowed other students the opportunity to ask their peers questions.

This week I also attended a Marist College teacher’s webinar for lessons learned from this semester. I now have a couple new ways for teaching future online courses, such as creating checklists, sharing polls for engagement for students, and giving the capability for students to deign their own web pages.

Praying for students and teachers to finish the semester strong! I am excited to see my classes for the Fall filling up, as students registered for the Fall semester, which could be either on campus or online again. Either way, education will continue onward.

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