Praying for Children

So it is not the will of my Father who is in heaven that one of these little ones should perish. Matthew 18:14

Yesterday was Mother’s Day, but for some mother’s this day of celebration could of been vastly different especially if they lost their a child due to the coronavirus. The news media has started unfortunately that several children in NY have recently died from covid19.

I cannot fathom the loss of a child, but my father who was a pastor stated it is the hardest type of loss to endure. Not that losing anyone is easy, it is just more difficult due to their young age that they haven’t had time to live their lives. No one wants this virus, no wants to die from it, nor wants to die alone. But the reality of death is that it happens every day.

Please join me in praying for children who are sick battling against covid19 that God would heal them. Let’s us pray for those parents who are suffering from loss of their beloved child from the virus. Because it is as if these parents had a light taken from them. May God comfort and strengthen these parents to learn to cherish the good times as they move forward with their lives. Most of all, may God give these families peace and understanding in the days and years ahead.


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