Home is where the love is …

Lilacs are exuberantly purple and perfumed, and cherry trees fragrant with blossoms. The Song of Solomon 2:13.

Today, I am researching about Lilac flowers on google, as I often need to find out how to take care of my mom’s beloved flowers. Unfortunately, I wasn’t born with two green thumbs like my mom. I also find it amazing how many types of flowers are mentioned in the Bible. The Song of Solomon 2:13 reveals about beautiful perfumed lilacs, as being purple ones, which are considered to be for first love.

Did you know the are several lilac variations and each color has it’s own meaning? I found the FTD flower website very helpful in learning the background on all the different colors of lilac flowers. I personally have found that lilacs bushes love direct sunshine, they can withstand the NY harsh winters, they often need yearly pruning, and they’ll grow right back mighty and healthier than were the year before.

I view the beautiful lilacs, as analogy that sometimes God needs to prune us back to get our attention to refocus on Him, so that Jesus’s light and love will shine through us. So are you following your first love, Jesus? Is your heart secured with the Savior? Ask yourself, are you growing Christ? If not, return home to Jesus for His love abounds!

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