A Ride To Remember

This is my commandment, that you love one another as I have loved you – John 15:12.

This week’s injustice of racism must stop and so must the inexcusable destructive violent behavior. God did not create us to be divided. God wants us to love one another equally.

I had the great honor and privilege last night to FB an amazing author, Sharon Langley, who recently wrote a children’s book called, A Ride To Remember”. In July 1963, as a little girl she experienced the cruelty of racism at a very early age not knowing what it meant, as she was the first African American to ride the carousel at Gwynn Oak Amusement Park in Baltimore, MD.

While I never had the opportunity to ride my family’s carousel, it is in my bucket lists of things to do. I was raised with Christian values to love, honor, and respect others, no matter what a person’s age, color, gender, or religion might be.

I pray that you might purchase her children’s book and read it to your children and grand children. Only through education and raising awareness can we change the lenses of people’s ill thinking.

I commend the police officers who are walking with demonstrators. We need to stand together, not divided, for justice to prevail. It is the only way to end racism that still exists in our world and for true godly peace to rein in our hearts.

May God restore peace to our nation and continue to bless America!


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