Know Jesus, Know Peace

The riots this week reminded me, that there used to be a billboard on the outskirts of our local town, which read: No Jesus, No Peace / Know Jesus, Know Jesus – Isaiah 26:3. However, one night it was lit on fire, which was horrible. Unfortunately, the same unnecessary destruction has occurred on a major scale throughout the country. This evening curfews are being enforced, so things are a bit calmer.

God does not want His people divided, but unified in prayer for healing. People need to seek peace and unity, not violence. Our society needs to remove the stereotypes of others and find peaceful ways to irradiate injustice. Only by inviting Jesus into this situation can we have peace. We need to be like a Jesus, as He loves us equally.

I pray for the police officer’s families who lost their loved one and for those officers injured trying to protect the public and small businesses in cities across our great nation. I commend those who are protesting peacefully for justice to prevail on behalf of George Floyd’s family. I also pray for reform in arrest procedures. Most of all, may people learn to Know Jesus, so we can all Know Peace again!


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