Praying for Justice

Blessed are they who observe justice, who do righteousness at all times! Psalm 106:3

Yes, I grew up privileged, but through Christ I learned to love, honor and respect others. Through education I learned there are many injustices in our world, especially inequality and the treatment of others, but there are peaceful ways to seek justice. Let your voice be heard for righteousness and positive changes for all.

People are tired of being in lock down due to the virus and without jobs including myself. This summer, I was supposed to be teaching in Prisons, but due to covid-19 and riots now there is no way. While I am unable teach to make a difference, but I can still certainly pray for the unity and peace to exist in our troubled world.

Today, I like to uplift the students who are part of Hudson Link For Higher Education in Prisons. This awesome college program helps to lower the recidivism rate in NY. I pray that these dedicated students are able graduate with degrees in the near future, so they can make a difference for themselves, in their families lives, and their local communities.

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