Looney Tunes

This world is going plumb crazy! I just read that TV media station CNN has decided to take away Elmer Fudd’s rifle. This is absurd! Last time I read the constitution it states any United States citizen has the right to bare arms.

CNN is infringing on Elmer’s constitutional rights to protect and provide for himself. They think by removing a rifle from the legendary cartoon is going to stop violence. Sorry, but I find this idea is hilarious! What’s next are they going to take away Yosemite Sam’s pistols, or Road Runner dynamite? CNN is taking away the humor right out of our favorite cartoons.

If you really have to ask, Yes, I support the NRA! Children need to learn to respect fire arms. If any fire arms are in your home, they should be locked up and the ammo properly stored separately. Teach your children early on how to properly respect fire arms. The NRA has children’s video featuring Eddie the Eagle to help as part of the learning process.

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