The Real Treasure

I find the puzzle book ‘The Secret – a treasure hunt’ fascinating, as decades later people are still looking for Byron Preiss’s buried treasures. The 12 paintings and his poems that are paired together to lead you to the possibilities of various locations. There are 12 ceramic casks, which are each hidden in different cities across the country. Once solved you are to contact his family with the corresponding key for the receiving the reward of a unique gemstone. Even the Discover Channel’s Josh Gates helping others in their search.

Yet, there is even greater treasure found in the Bible that is even more valuable above anything else in the world and it’s completely free, and that is the joy of knowing Jesus. While many that believe Jesus is the son of God, there are many who do not. The best thing is Jesus is easy to find, for He is everywhere. You don’t have to wait in line to talk to Jesus, He is there all the time and just a prayer away. Jesus listens and He alone answers our prayers.

If you want to see all those beautiful gemstones yourself, then you only need to accept Jesus as your personal Savior. Because heaven’s rooms are decorated with them and more. Another way to discovery the real treasure of Jesus is through reading your Bible, which can be your faith’s moral compass throughout life.

May this devotion encourage you to search for real treasure, which is the ultimate true reward of knowing Jesus!

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