Jesus Matters!

Sanctify them in the truth; your word is truth – John 17:17

First it was the pandemic, next was the wrongful death of George, then the rioting, which basically put an end to our quarantine. Everywhere you look you see black lives matter or all lives matter. Yet, I haven’t seen any sign saying that Jesus Matters!

In the verse above, we are reminded that Jesus is truth and so is His Holy Word. As believers, our freedom is knowing Christ. We need to be in communion with Jesus and studying God’s scripture. We need to examine our own lives to ensure that we are fully standing right before God.

Hopefully, the past few months of being confined at home has helped us see that not only is family important, but so is Jesus. I pray that we all learn to put Jesus first above others and make more time for Jesus, as He should matter most in our lives. May this blog motivate you to tell others that Jesus Matters!


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