Just Mercy

Be merciful, even as your Father is merciful – Luke 6:36.

Yesterday, I watched a fascinating movie called Just Mercy, which about how Bryan Stevenson, who was an African American Harvard Lawyer that felt compelled to help African Americans inmates on death row in Alabama. After graduation, Bryan, the newly educated lawyer moved to Alabama and set up shop to offer free law services to provide for the men who were unjustly convicted of crimes they did not commit because of their race or for those who could not afford representation. He wanted help make things right for the poorest communities and he did just that. He didn’t let anything hold him back from making a difference for others.

The movie went into detail of how inmates suffer on death row and many believe there is no justice to be found to save them from meeting deaths door. In 1987, was Bryan’s first case with Walter McMillian. One line of the movie that stood out that Walter stated was, “on the outside of prison walls your are free to run, but on the inside there no place to go.” From teaching inside Correctional Facilities, I find this statement to be true, as there are no freedoms inside to do what you want. The free movie concluded that the State of Alabama was wrong and the conviction was overturned and Walter McMillian was rightfully released.

Like the verse above, God has been merciful to us, therefore we also must show mercy, especially when injustice is involved. It just goes to show one act of mercy can change a person’s life. If an individual can give another person hope and a reason to believe in themselves again, then our world sure be a whole lot better.

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