NY State Parks

Upstate NY has some beautiful state parks. Since, summer is here, it’s time to get outside and breathe in clean fresh air. Here are three of my favorite parks for learning history and hiking along the banks of the mighty Hudson River.

1. FDR Home & Museum is located in Hyde Park, NY, was the home for President Franklin D. Roosevelt and his beloved family. You can tour the president’s home and his library, Be sure to stop and smell the flowers by looking at their rose garden. There are also bike paths for riding nearby.

2. Vanderbilt Mansion is also in Hyde Park, NY, is just up the road a bit from FDR’s home. You can take a picnic lunch, tour the gorgeous mansion, and explore their exquisite gardens. There are other interesting buildings to discover as you walk on their trails.

3. Samuel Morse Estate and Museum is located in Poughkeepsie, NY. The Locust Grove Estate is home to no other than the great inventor of Morse code. You can take in a short history film, tour his beloved home and the Morse code museum, as well as, explore the various walking trails.

What is your favorite state park to explore?

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