Finding Courage

He is not afraid of bad news; his heart is firm, trusting in the Lord – Psalm 112:7.

One of my mom’s favorite movies was The Wizard of Oz. We know that the tin man wanted a heart, the scarecrow wanted a brain, and the lion wanted courage. Miss Dorothy just wanted to go home, but first she must go on a long journey.

So Dorothy and her friends believed if they follow the yellow brick road it would lead them to the Emerald city. They face many obstacles along the way like munchkins, flying monkeys, and witches. They discovered the wizard of oz was just a merely a man in a costume working his way through life with no real direction. Together, they supported one another through their experiences. They discovered they already had what was missing in themselves.

The fantasy story ends with Dorothy wearing her red ruby slippers and by clicking her heels, she and her beloved friends were instantly transported back home to Kansas. One lesson they learned was fInding, “there is no place like home.”

As one great Bible scholar stated, “Earth is not my home I am just traveling through” – Billy Graham. My question to you is: Are you following God to His home?

I pray that you open your mind to find the courage to trust God with all of your heart. Because I want to see you in God’s home in heaven. Be blessed my friends!


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