Be Prepared

Prepare your work outside; get everything ready for yourself in the field, and after that build your house – Proverbs 24:17.

Like the verse above, God suggests that we preplan, so when He calls us we’re ready. In regards to teaching I have started to build my course material this month for the Fall 2020. I found it’s never too early to be prepared. The process of copying over classes is easy, but deciding what material to keep or change can be a challenge. I am reviewing what worked well and seeing how I can improve the content to make the subject more engaging for students.

One college provided us helpful templates to organize content. Another deciding to offer a power point template. It’s a smart digital marketing decision because marketing is branding a product. I often see each campus as a reflection of it’s brand, but also of it’s educational community of students, staff, and teachers.

Several colleges are starting earlier, removed mid semester breaks, then sending all students home at Thanksgiving, and then complete the rest of the semester remotely. Campus are hoping this will eliminate the spread of any virus. Not sure if they will be checking students temperatures or enforce the wearing of masks yet.

Part of me wishes for a vaccine, but another part says don’t live in fear either. Either way, I am looking forward to new students come last week of August. Hoping we are all be prepared to #staysafe and that we follow God’s wisdom to be ready for anything and everything.

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