The Bumblebee

Gracious words are like a honeycomb, sweetness to the soul and health to the body – Proverbs 16:24.

Last night I got stung by a bee while vacuuming my pool. So today’s blog will be short and sweet. I quickly remembered a home remedy of baking soda and water after icing my thumb down. This morning it is still swollen and itches like crazy. Guess it will take a few days to heal and mend itself, so I can keep typing.

It is amazing how one of God’s small creatures can leave a very wicked sting and then they die. It reminds me of the Transformers movie, when the yellow and black bumblebee car turn into a robot to fight and protect it’s owner. The bumblebee did the same thing by putting up it’s defenses when biting me.

Sometimes God has to break us down before we will listen, so we can be transform into His likeness by the renewing of our heart and mind. God can remove the evil stings from our life and use it for His glory. We just have to be willing and trust God’s plan for our lives.

Like the verse above, I pray this devotion encourages you be be ready, willing, and able to allow God in your life; because the reward of God’s salvation is far sweeter for our soul than anything in this world.

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