Learning Moodle

This week I am learning Moodle, which is an open source learning platform like Blackboard for teachers and students. Luckily, MSMC offers online Moodle training courses for new staff.

Moodle also integrates with other packages like Zoom and Cengage Mindtap, which both are used to teach technology virtually. Cengage has added 3 new chapters to the Technology for Success textbook, which includes Cloud Storage/E-Commerce/Artificial Intelligence, Databases, and Computer Ethics.

Yesterday, I got to Zoom for a staff meeting from outer space using a virtual backgrounds. I plan on using more landscape images going forward, so my class can guess “Where in the world am I?”, as an online icebreaker.

I am busy setting up several different course, as I will be teaching for 3 campuses. Even though I will be attached to my computer for the next few weeks, I am very blessed to be able to teach this coming Fall 2020 semester.

#goknights #msmc #educationmatters

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