What’s Valuable?

In Numbers Chapters 22-24, Baalem, an Old Testament prophet who wasn’t an Israelite, was his way to see King Balek in Moab. Baalem was recognized by an angel of God, when his donkey refused to go any further to Moab. The angel of GOD told him not to cursed others, but to bless the people of Israel. Because Baalem followed God’s orders he was also blessed.

Unfortunately, Baalem eventually fell for greed and failed, as that’s revealed in the next chapter. Like Balem, we cannot have it both ways either. Worldly things are just stuff. We often end up in a fog wanting things. We end up needing God to clear our path. When we need nothing or expect anything that is when God often blesses us. God fills us up with his Holy Spirit.

What do you consider valuable? We need to see how Jesus sees things. What’s an obstacle to us isn’t for Him. Know who you are in Christ and His purpose for you. I pray we want less, seek what God wants, and do more for God. World is temporary, but God, love is eternal. Don’t be deceived or a donkey, ask God for direction.

(Source: listen live on FB – Calvary Chapel of the Hudson Valley Sunday Sermon on 8/16/20).

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