Fall 2020 Week 1

I am learning how to play IT technician this week, as I try to help resolve issues between pc’s and Mac’s, blackboard, moodle, and iLean. It’s enough to drive a teacher crazier!

I thought today could not go any worse than yesterday, it kinda did when the power shut off my computer completely twice in two out of my three courses while zooming with new students. I have quickly learnt classes don’t always go the way I plan, so just reboot and keep on teaching like nothing ever happened. 🙃

Next, If a student has a Mac and can’t open Power point files? What should a teacher do? There are two ways to resolve this issue: 1. Save .pptx file as a .pdf , so they can open the power point and read it, Or 2. Embed the power point file on ILearn, so they can view and read it online.

How to take attendance online? Most platforms have an attendance feature to use. I suggest taking attendance at the end, so most students are logged on by then and it kinda forces them to stay online for the entire time. Issue is some students may need to leave early or will be late if their class prior or afterwards is on campus.

Zoom has a reporting feature that you can run by selecting usage, as Zoom actually records who logged in and how minutes they were on for, so you know if someone wasn’t there or late or leaving early by less minutes. If need be you can download attendance list in Excel to compare to your roster list and enter in attendance manually in the platform’s attendance module.

In Zoom, I have found that not all students enter their full name or email address to display from their Zoom account. Te problem is if more than one student has the same first name and their last name wasn’t entered, it causes the issue of having to determine which student was actually there.

At least Cengage is on board to answer and help students get registered with the ebooks and Mindtap Learning Management System, as one of their representatives visited each of my classes remotely.

Well, is it Christmas yet? I need a vacation after just a day back at college. Hopefully. each day gets better. 16 weeks to go!

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