Fall 2020 Week 2

This week my Digital Toolbox classes will be learning the elements of design. For this course I selected a book called The Graphics Designer’s Toolkit for Adobe Creative Cloud Suite by author Allan Wood. The textbook provides excellent review questions for online discussion forums and includes data files for art projects. The textbook includes both Mac and PC instructions, but the book should be updated to have Windows 10 instructions to be current with today’s operating system. Students now have their Adobe signons, started working on tutorials, and have created their WordPress links for their free websites for their semester’s digital art projects.

My technology classes are going great as MSMC uses Cengage’s Mindtap LMS and Marist College does not. At MSMC we are starting off with the basics of MS-Word and the other I like to cover Excel first, so the rest of semester they can focus on their research project, term paper, and create a video script and resume.

SUNY Ulster freshmen survived first week and even came back for more learning yesterday. Together, we study about 8 different topics that relate to attending college. SUNY Ulster uses Google Meeting and Zoom, while MSMC uses Zoom with Moodle, and Marist uses WebEx and Zoom for the blended synchronous courses.

Students are doing well, despite having to wear a mask and rotate weekly to be on campus for class. After all, they grew up online so it’s relatively easy for them, as long they remember which group is scheduled during the week to attend. While some students are undecided about their major, and some will change their minds about a major. The best part is they are anxious to learn.

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