Fall 2020 Week 3

Thanks to covid, I had to teach on Labor Day. I was actually quite surprised by how many students came to class. I know they were instructed to stay on campus rather than to return home for the long weekend, as there is absolutely no break until Thanksgiving.

This week Digital Toolboxers are learning the basics of Photoshop. The students homework included changing 5 images using basic image color editing commands; such as changing from color to black & white, adding text to an image by adding layers, cropping an image, color balance, and fade by using a filter first. The main concept this week is to learn to copy an original photo by duplicating the image or adding a layer or by using an adjustment layer before making any changes.

Technology students: The first group will be exploring the difference between formulas vs. functions and absolute vs. relative cells. The second group of students at a different college will be taking their 1st Word Exam using Cengage’s Mindtap this week. Both groups are learning about computer hardware this week.

FYE students are discovering how to use blackboard software and so far zoom constructively. It is amazing to see how resilient the college students are during this crazy covid mess. They are tackling blended and flex-hybrid courses very well whether they’re on campus or remotely learning.


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