Calm the Storm

You will keep in perfect peace those whose minds are steadfast, because they trust in you. Isaiah 26:3

Today is 9/11, which once again is a grim reminder that life is short, precious, and there are still so many who are unsaved. Some may question why so many had to perish in such a horrific manor. Yet, we ask ourselves why did God allowed this evil act to happen. Just like this year, God again has allowed a global pandemic to take the lives of those we love. Many of us are at our breaking point, as to when will this year be over.

Calm The Storm Video By Union Creative

Notes from tonight’s Bible study. Our confidence comes from God’s Holy Word. God is our calm in the storm. Psalm 45 is a psalm of instruction. We need to be on fire to share our testimony with others. Because God has blessed us forever with grace and mercy. As believers, we need to have a firm foundation in God’s truth in order to develop a great relationship with Christ.

We often want things done in time. However, we must learn and understand that God knows all and does things in His own time. We need to stop and pray for God’s will to prevail not ours. Only God can fill us with gladness and righteousness. We are nothing without Christ. We need to daily breathe in Jesus, as only He can be our one and true calmness.

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