Fall 2020 Week 5

My Marists’s Digital Toolbox classes are busy creating photoshop collages. We covered how the eraser tool and changing the opacity level can blend images together using Photoshop. It is amazing to see their creativity at work through their designs. They will be adding their collage projects to their WordPress website. I am encouraging students to who are highly proficient in Photoshop to try more difficult collage tutorials. The better their skills are the better chances of finding a great job after graduation in graphic design.

This week also at Marist my technology class has covered the topic of software and apps. We reviewed the similarities and differences between MIcrosoft Office, Google Drive, OpenOffice, and Apple iWorks. Students are learning the basics of create spreadsheets using MS- Excel along with formulas, functions, absolute cells, spark lines, and what-if analysis. Tomorrow’s lesson is m&m’s spreadsheet exercise. And, Yes, I actually feed my students m&m’s chocolate candy.

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