We Need God

Psalm 47 is a song of the New Year. The people would clap hands and shout this song of these 9 verses 7 times and then the trumpet would sound. Everyone is rejoicing and we should be excited of who God is. We need to be grateful and thankful for God’s goodness. It is impossible to worry or be angry when we are praising God. God can help anyone, anywhere, and anytime. God is to be feared and He is awesome and all inspiring.

Are you checking in with God before you make important decisions? When God it isn’t at the center the situation will wrong. We need to let our light shine for others to see God in us. When things fail, some may ask for help, but we only need to seek God, for God is the answer. Whether we are an individual or a nation we need to be under God’s control for God is King and things will flourish. When we are not we shall flounder. Who are you proclaiming as your King, God, God and eternal Savior?

God has prepared a place for us. Share what God has done for you. Let others know about Jesus. For Jesus wants His people with Him in heaven, even if includes talking to them or walking around them 7 times. By studying God’s Holy Word, we come to the understanding that we are all God’s children. God is our Heavenly Father and He rules over all the Earth. We need to let God lead our way. Sing praise to Jesus! Shine for Jesus!

Proverbs 23:3-4 wisdom builds the Lord’s house. Leads us to Isaiah 40.1 and 2 Corinthians 1:3 Knowledges that God is the God of Mercy & Comfort. We are forgiven by God of our sin. We need to repent. Only then God will makes our way straight. God levels the playing field, He lowers the mountains, and He raises the valleys. Praying God’s glory will prevail. Know that God’s Word stands forever! We are to Behold God!

Holy Spirit by Jesus Culture

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