Presidential Debates

Really now, why must we hear the presidential candidates bicker? When are they going tell us what they stand for? I agree the host should have ability to mute the other speaker while the one is talking. Arguing like toddlers didn’t impress me nor change who I would vote for.

With all the technology in the world why are we still using mail-in paper ballots? Practically everyone has a smartphone these days, so why not let legal citizens vote using their ss# using dual authentication along with facial recognition via the internet. It just seems that we should be able to solve the issue if there was an federal government software app used for only for voting purposes. It sure make our lives easier. We have the ability to register to vote online, get a drivers license online, or file for unemployment benefits online, so why can’t we vote online the same way?

I am highly disagree the one comment during the debate that stated the typical “suburbia white female voters” would automatically vote Democratic, because we are more educated. I do agree that most colleges and universities are liberal, but not all of them. While I am a female voter who lives in the suburbs of upstate NY and I am because I am highly educated, but I learnt that I certainly do not I want to live under a socialism controlled government. I always vote based on my Christian values. I know have the right to vote for the right candidate and by doing so, my vote counts.

I don’t pray for a democrat or a republican win. However, I do pray for God to put the right candidate in office. God already knows the winner and the outcome of the election. As a believer, I am not worrying about who wins, because Jesus is my King and He is in control of it all. You can rest assured that God’s plan will prevail for His people. If anyone hasn’t read the last book of the Bible, Jesus wins and He rules over us.

Everyone has an equal right on who to vote for to become our next President. I encourage everyone to take time to vote, as it is your God-given right and chance for your voice to be heard. After all the votes are counted, who do you think gonna hear you’re fired? Or are we gonna keep making America great again?


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