Fall 2020 Week 7

This week is midterms at Marist College, so I am letting digital toolbox and technology students take their test remotely. Students can then use class time to catch up on any missing design or excel assignments, forums, and quizzes, too.

At MSMC, technology students are taking a cumulative concepts test and finished up MS- Word assignments. I am looking forward to next’s week special IBM guest speaker who will talk about the latest artificial intelligence technology that’s helping Guiding Eyes organization. (Hint: Woof Woof gonna vroom vroom on Zoom.

My SUNY Ulster classes discovered the art of critical thinking skills. We reviewed, “What is the purpose of thinking?” presentation. I had students practiced breakout rooms for today’s class activity, so students could discuss the topics of polig academic small group learning, pseudoscience, and polar opposites. Students concluded even though people are diverse with different points of view, yet opposites can also compliment each other.

So cool, I got asked this week to teach another FYE class for SUNY Ulster with Shawangunk Correctional Facility for this semester. This is great, as every bit of income is a blessing these days.

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