Psalm 49

Last night’s Bible-study: In 1967, there was a 6-day war between Israel and Arab nations. There is a rule that no one cannot take place by force. Israel did a preemptive strike, which confused their enemy the Egyptian Army. So, Israel was able to literally march in and take Jerusalem. Because the Arabs we’re confused, afraid of something, and ran. This is very similar to what happened in Psalm 48. We need to remember no matter how bad things get God will establish His kingdom. The places of towers are our safe spots, our security is in Jesus only.

From Psalm 49, the same difficulties will fall upon us all. No one will be excluded from good or bad circumstances. We are to meditate on God’s Holy Word and take the time listen to God’s listen for His wisdom. Colossians 3:1 we need to set our eyes on God, not on things of this world. Verse 15 we are to let God’s peace reign in our hearts. Psalm 49 verse 8 God is sufficient for all! We are to show compassion to others. We need to let God be our motivator.

Again, God will redeem His people. We just need to believe! Is your name written in the Lamb’s Book of Life? Only the things we do for Christ shall last forever.

Even If Video by Mercy Me

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