Revelations 2 Part B

The seven letters written by John the disciple to the churches were sent to a specific seven, which is a message for all churches today. Each church was selected reveals church history. In Revelations 2:12-17, we are to live by accountability. We are not to be tolerate of worldly behaviors.

2 Corinthians 6:17 we are to hate the sin, but love the sinner. James 4:4-5 we are to avoid making an enemy of God. Do you think the scripture has no mean nothing? there is a heaven and hell. We need to stop making God unto our own image. Hold true to the real gospel and your faith.

The road to destruction is wide, but the road to Jesus is narrow. Don’t let other dictate your thinking. The world is and will fade away. The Holy Word of God will stand forever. In Revelation Chapter 2 verse 2, God’s word is sharper than a two edge sword. Verse 16 We are to repent or else. Gods Word is authority!

God’s Word can cut you for instruction and it can heal you. God’s Holy Word is truth! It written to correct us and to keep from sinning. Else we shall be destroyed. The Bible is there to teach us to live godly just lives before leaving earth. God will bless us for it by taking us home to heaven one day soon.

Are you listening to God? Are you watching how you live? Keep your focus on God and share His truths to the unsaved. Revelation 2:13 God is real and Satan wants to tempt you. Verse 15 God is everywhere, despite evil, do not deny God or His Holy Word, so live a godly life for Jesus. Be Ready because Jesus is coming again!

Who You Are To Me by Chris Tomlins

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