Education Matters

Education should matter more. Our government should help college students who have large students loans. It’s one thing to delay the repayment, but the outrageous interest rate delays college students from getting out of debt. The second reason is the amount of money it costs to attend college in the first place. While federal students loans are at 0% due to the pandemic, but why can’t they also cancel some of the student’s college debt?

This year I feel that we are paying way too much in school taxes, as the children are not even in the buildings. Why must we continue to pay through the nose in school taxes for after school or sports programs that are not even running? I understand that we need to pay for teachers salaries along with maintenance of building and property until students return. Why are we not given a break or discount due this covid crisis?

My new motto is education matters, as it will open doors for you. It has been proven that by having a college degree that you will earn more. The pandemic has educational institutions struggling to stay afloat and colleges need students. But, why must college students graduate with a humongous debt? Why is it that only some students pay nothing to attend?

Today’s children are tomorrow’s leaders. If we don’t bother to help the younger generation with getting a good education now, who will? Seriously, a education matters whether it’s at trade school or at a college campus. Our society needs to recognize and give everyone the same opportunity for an education. It is the only way our society will survive and thrive into the future.

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