Revelation 3 Part B

God is trying to get our attention. God is talking to us through the 7 spirits and 7 stars. We are dead if we are not in God’s will. god reveals that the people of Sardis has fallen away. God tells the members of the church to wake up and strengthen their faith. We need to stop drifting.

In Chapter 3 letter Jesus reminds us that Your faith in works cannot save you. Only God can save us. No one knows the day that Jesus is going to return. We need to be ready to be called up. Jesus is going to return as a thief in the night. We need to examine our belief.

Isaiah 29 God is so great, we must honor God completely. Matthew 23:27 We need to be filled with God’s love. John 15:4 We need to remain in Jesus. Ephesians 4:12 We are to build up the church and share the gospel with everyone.

We need to avoid creating a monument or statue that is more important than God to us. We need to let the Holy Spirit work with in us. Isaiah 2:11 God is our Mighty Counselor and He is all you need. Romans 8:11 Jesus lives in You! As long as we believe God shall save us. Are you trusting God’s power this day?

5 things we must do: 1. Wake Up, 2. Strengthen your faith, 3. Remember how Jesus saved you, 4. Repent your sins, and 5. Jesus is coming again, so remain in Him. Do you want to be an overcomer? Take the first step by believing in Jesus!

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