Revelation 3 Part C

John, the disciples, writes to the Church of Philadelphia. He shares how we are to emulate the perfect church. God wants churches back then and today to have an open door to all people. God reveals to John that Jesus is the key to David. We can only reach heaven by accepting Christ as our personal Savior. The answer to any question is Jesus!

Isaiah 22:22 states and foreshadows that the key of David is Jesus. Christ has all authority and He has keys of life and death. Jesus came to take our sins away. Jesus died for us. Don’t be fooled by false preachers. Jesus is true and the King of Kings.

The verse that stood out to me the most was verse 11 where Jesus states that He is coming back. Jesus encourages us to hold on to our Christian faith. Despite the persecution we are to stay true to Jesus. Even if we have a little faith, God gives us His strength.

We cannot do anything on our own, but with God we can do anything. 2 Corinthians 12:9 God’s spirit and strength are within us. We can do all things in Christ Jesus! We can face our giant’s because God goes before us. We only need to believe and ask for His help.

We have free will to either obey Jesus or not. We must understand that God will only bless those who follow and obey Him. God’s Holy Word is true and we need to hold to it. God’s promise is that He is coming soon. No one can take your crown. Hold onto Jesus and your salvation. Be Ready! Jesus will returning quickly.

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