Fall 2020 Week 11

My SUNY Ulster FYE class at Shawangunk will be learning about note-taking skills and test-taking strategies along with what are learning styles. The students are going to discover that each student is different with various strengths and weaknesses. They will also find each student learns differently and at their own pace. One’s learning style can either help or hurt a student success, so knowing and understanding theirs will improve their chance at completing their degree.

My MSMC computer technology students are starting to tackle learning excel and learning about types of networks this week. These students enjoy discussing the chapter’s current topics of technology each week as well.

My Marist Digital Toolboxers will be finishing their InDesign 2 page spread for either CD Album Cover or Magazine Cover Project. My Marist technology class is going to be having a guest speaker from IBM, Lorraine Trapani, who will talk about their Ai program along with cohost IBM’s Ai Jackie GEB pup. She will discuss IBM and Guiding Eyes for the Blind partnership. These students are working on their research projects that are due two weeks.

This week’s difficultly is that some of my Marist students are on lock down due to Covid-19 rules and are unable to come to lab to finish projects. I am praying none of them test positive and that None of the Professors including myself end up with having to quarantine because a student was around another student who tested positive. It’s getting real and it a bit scary especially knowing this deadly virus has killed over 34,000 people in NY alone since it started in the United States.


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