Be Gracious

This morning, I woke to see the vote tallies are obviously showing the American people want Biden as President. We know that President Trump will not leave without a fight. While I don’t blame him after all that is his style, but there also comes a time to be a gracious loser and bow out with dignity. I would rather see a President do that than to waste our American’s money in a court battle that no one will ever win. However, if voter fraud can be proven, then there should be an accurate recount by each state.

I would also like to see the President create a better voting system with the use of technology. All the states should be made to follow the same rules for counting real votes. If a person voted by the deadline, then their vote should be counted. We have the computer knowledge, the financial funds, and network infrastructure to build a better and faster voting system, as counting ballots by hands is so archaic.

I pray for our divided country to accept the winner, because of one fact, there is no crying in baseball. Let us be patient during recounts, then move onward knowing it is God’s will for our country. May those in authority accept the final decision and realize the people made their choice. However, if voter fraud happened, then those who are guilty suffer the consequences of their actions. Our God is a just God. Yes, it is better one day in God’s court than thousands elsewhere. So I hope God’s people will understand that this election really means, we are one day closer to God’s return. Because no president can save this country, only Jesus can save us.

I pray for patience for our country, as the recounts are being done. While there is no crying in baseball, but there is always a next time, so hope that President Trump will consider running again in 2024.


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