Psalm 53

The Psalm starts out start with saying people some people act like a fool and that those who denounce God is a fool. Psalm 14 states the same that those who believe there is no God that they are a fool. There are some people who will deny in hearts that reject who God is. God looks down upon all of us states none of us are perfect.

Genesis 1:7 God created us. 2:16 God said to avoid the temptation to eat from tree of knowledge and evil. 3 to Satan tempts Eve with fruit and then ate from the tree, which is why Adam and Eve fell into sin. Their eyes opened and they learned about what is good and evil. They quickly found out they could not hide from God. We are all sinners. We need to listen to God and heed His direction.

Ezekiel 14:14 Lists 3 godly men, Noah, Daniel, and Job, who stood up for God. No one can save another only God can save a person. We need to realize that God is always watching over His people. We need to fear and revere God at the same time. God wants us to know that God is God. We cannot solve our problems only God can. There is no other greater than God and no one like Him.


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