Start Here. Go Far!

Hi, my name is Professor Sandra Wisor and I am an adjunct college professor for several college campuses. In 2019, I applied to SUNY Ulster Community College to teach technology for Hudson Link For Higher Education in Prisons. This decision has been one of the best decisions I have ever made. Because of the connections I made there with other college professors, they in turn recommended me to teach other courses. 

First Year Experience (FYE) is a course for new students to learn to transition to being a college student. Whether the student is a teenager or an older adult this course helps students provides the necessary knowledge about about Suny Ulster and its educational community. Some of the topics and tips covered are culture, diversity, inclusion, note-taking, planning, studying, time-management, technology, and other academic skills. This course helps students discover positive ways to successfully overcome the difficulties of college life.

I also teach FYE 101, as a distant learning format through the mail, so that Hudson Link’s students can learn how to get use to what educational expectations are required in order to gain an Associate’s degree. Hudson Link students are very dedicated creative writers and many are taking a full course load. Hudson Link’s college program helps to reduce the recidivism rate in NYS Correctional Facilities. This educational partnership gives Hudson Link’s students hope for a brighter future when released.

SUNY Ulster Community College is a great place to start one’s education in order to go far. Their vision and mission shows their dedication to help students not to just survive college, but to thrive and succeed in life. My motto is that “Education Matters!” and everyone deserves the same opportunity to gain a college education. So, why not consider starting today? #startheregofar


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