Fall 2020 Week 13

I was coughing all weekend, had a headache 3 days straight, so I went for Covid-19 test yesterday. Unfortunately, I can’t go back on campus until I get negative results. So rest of this week I am to teach remotely. I don’t want to share germs with my students either.

Status of my classes: Technology students at MSMC are learning more in Excel this week. Technology students at Marist will be giving presentations this week. Digital Art students are studying Premier Rush and creating their videos.

SUNY Ulster FYE students are writing about a historical critical thinker and practicing their thinking skills by explaining to an alien how a baseball game is played. One question in the exercise is “why don’t women play this game?” This thinking question reveals that we live in an unequal society. However, we have seen lately that women can certainly break glass ceilings. If one can become VP of America and women scientists can fly to the moon, then girls can play baseball, too!


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