Furever Friends

Today, I was informed that Lexi, our beloved furever friend, crossed rainbow bridge yesterday. I am a bit beside myself, as Lexi was literally just visiting with us in NY from VA. She was a very smart and friendly pup. Lexi brought our family, so much joy during the most difficult times. It was if Lexi knew we were all grieving from the loss of our parents. She helped us to have hope to carry on and move forward with our lives. My folks absolutely adore my nephew’s family pup. My Dad’s nickname was ‘Laser Beam’ for Lexi because she could roll a ball in a perfect straight line with her nose. My Dad loved taking her for car rides. My pup, Shadow, loved playing fetch with her buddy, Lexi.

The funniest story I remember about Lexi, is when Dad called the cable company for service. The repair man drove down the driveway, so my Dad went outside with Lexi to meet him, but the cable guy refused to get out of his car because of the dog. You have to understand that Lexi was absolutely the most gentle pup and she wouldn’t hurt a flea. Some people just judge dog based on type and size, instead of getting to really know a pup. It all depends on the pup’s raiser, as to how a dog will behave. Way to go Lexi!, she made the cable guy into a big sissy. On the other hand, our UPS driver would often stop and give our puppies biscuits when doing deliveries in the neighborhood. Go figure?!

Yesterday, I was trying to explain to my pup Shadow, that Lexi had gone back home. Today, I find myself trying to explain that Lexi went to doggie heaven instead. Some say doggies know or can sense things. If Shadow is half as smart as her buddy Lexi, then Shadow already knows. I am glad that Lexi got to spend her last days playing ball with Shadow in my yard. I pray Lexi is sleeping peacefully and that God would comfort us. Lexi, was a beautiful pup and she certainly has left her paw prints on our heats and lives, as our furever friend.





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