Fall 2020 Week 14

My Marist Digital Toolbox students are finishing up their two minute Adobe Premiere Rush video project and a course reflection paper. My technology class isn’t meeting this week due to holiday schedule. They’re are working on creating portfolio video resumes.

My MSMC students will not be meeting this week due to the college is running Monday classes on a Tuesday schedule. They are finishing up excel assignments in Cengage’s Mindtap.

Suny Ulster Community College students are practicing critical thinking and writing about someone who made a positive impact on society. I shared that I admired Henry Ford for his invention of the manufacturing line for automobiles. He changed the way we travel and made it possible for everyone to own a car.

College students are packing up and heading home this week for the rest of the semester. Classes will be remotely via zoom or webex the rest of time. I pray they all get home safely.

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