Fall 2020 Week 15

Yes, we are in the home stretch of the semester as finals are next week. My Marist College technology students had the opportunity to play Jeopardy as a review for their up coming final exam. They are completing their resume videos. My digital toolbox students are finishing up their videos projects, writing a reflection paper as part of their final and updating their WordPress websites. This wee we also studied the concept of Gamestar Mechanics and to remember the importance of playing game is to have fun.

My technology students at MSMC are finishing up their Cengage Mindtap excel training and exams as well as completing their last cumulative quiz on chapters concepts of digital literacy this semester. I plan using the same learning platform for next semester, but changing some the assignments to tailor to be conducive to my style of teaching.

My SUNY Ulster FYE students are to complete a final test and to write a short essay on the importance of what it means to be an educated person. This past week they had to complete their reflection journal for grading by sharing the opinion on whether knowledge is power. I always find it interesting to read their educational journals because they are such creative writers. These students definitely have mastered the art of critical thinking this semester.

I pray that God will help students retain information as they study for their finals. May the pass with flying colors. I also pray for enrollment to increase for next semester, so that no more classes get canceled. May our country make education a priority for all.

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