Is Jesus First?

Today, I was reminded that God is with us 24×7. which is true if we believe in Jesus, Then this verse came to mind that God also goes before us Deuteronomy 31:3, but only if accept Jesus as our Lord and Savior. We need not be afraid of anything because God will handle whatever you are struggling with, so pray and give it all to Jesus!

This lead me to the word JOY, which starts with putting Jesus first in your life, then others like your family, and then you. Where is your Joy this holiday season. Are you putting God 1st in your life? Are you helping others by letting your light shine? Are letting God guide you?

The holidays are tough for some, it is our job to share the love of Christ with the unsaved. We can be rest assured Jesus is with us, so there should be no fear telling others. You might be the only one they see Jesus in. Don’t wait to share your Joy of Jesus with them!

If you put Jesus first, you’ll never be last! God is waiting, make Him a priority in every aspect of your life and your family. You won’t be disappointed, nor rejected by Christ! For Jesus appreciates and loves you, for you!

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