Free Speech

Social media platforms are usually used by our government leaders to be transparent with our citizens. Normally, any citizen has the right as to who we want to follow. However, big tech media giants have been allowed to ban those who speak their political conservative views. Now these companies have removed President Trump from their platforms because of the recent riot on the capital. Sorry, but this is such an infringement off our 1st amendment of free speech.

Why did it have to take citizens dying for democracy to remove President’s account? If his tweets were so damaging why didn’t they remove his accounts sooner? Is really removing President Trump really going to make a difference? Trump is a brand and he can easily just build his own social media site. His followers will just switch to his new political platform.

I wish it would all the feuding would stop, but it is probably just getting started. No one should storm the capital or any other government building. No citizen should of died from this riot. Are social media platforms going to be held accountable for allowing crowdsourcing to occur and giving both sides room to bicker fueling the flames of anarchy?

After 1/20, the media just won’t be the same without the political feuding. Why are we letting tech giants control what we can or cannot say, like, share, or who to follow? Are we going to let silence rule us or let everyone’s voice be heard?

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