Censorship by Big Techs

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I am not surprised by the censorship by the big tech companies due to the violent riots at the capital last week. However, the act banding certain members infringes upon our 1st amendment freedom of speech. If big tech can do this to the President, then they can take away our right to the freedom of speech in the future if they dislike our own posts.

Where do we as a society draw the line? Due to other companies joining the band wagon, now other social platforms and e-commerce sites are banning our choices. Why is one side allow to speak and be heard and not the other? Must we always be political correct and have no decention. Are we going to let these monopolies restrict healthy economical competition?

Why can both sides learn to co-exist? Stop the violence, stop the hate! Will there ever be true government transparency? Granted those who caused harm should be held accountable for their actions of causing death and destruction. Instead of bickering, we need to promote peace and seek healing.

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