May Justice Prevail

In the news, as you probably already know that our current President has been impeached a second time by the House Of Representatives. While I am not surprised at the vote being that it’s mostly democratic. I will continue to pray that Vice President and Congress to have godly wisdom over the second half of the vote proceedings in the Senate, which is of course there is a 50/50 split between Democrats and Republicans.

I do not blame either side wanting to oust President Trump because their lives were in fact in danger. The news reports shared he did nothing to stop it, but encouraged it , is very disgusting. Though, I know while rioting was occurring I in fact heard airplanes taking off nearby, so someone called for the National Guard quickly. I pray for the United States military troops who are now risking their lives on American soil to protect our government officials. Who would ever think this would ever happen in America again?

What lessons can we learn from all of this political mess? Stop the violence, stop the hate, encourage peace and promote unity. Every American has the right to be heard and not censorship by big tech. No one can be convicted without a fair trial. Words have power and how one interpret them is why riots occurred. People have free will and sometimes it goes too far! Those who caused death and destruction must face justice, as nobody is above the law not even the President. May godly justice prevail in this upmost matter.

I pray country can quickly move on from this shameful act of evil and chaos, cause frankly I am so tired of it. The United States of America’s government needs to work on getting us an economic stimulus and covid vaccines, not this nonsense. We need to focus on bringing healing to those who need it and rebuilding our nation under God. May God’s peace reign down upon us.


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