A King’s Vision

While yesterday our country celebrated Martin Luther King holiday. I like to share a family story that nobody likes to remember, just like this past year. A few years ago, I had the honor and privilege to learned about my extended family and their experienced with the civil rights movement. It took place in July of 1963 at Gwynn Oak Amusement Park in Woodlawn, MD. There were thousands of people and they started out peacefully protest. Unfortunately, the protest turned ugly as someone threw a brick at another person and blood was spilled. The police arrested rioters and the park was faced a lawsuit. This violent act brought about positive change by desegregation of the park. The outcome was that everyone was allowed to go on the rides. Fast forward to today, the hay day of amusement rides are gone, but state park is still there for all to enjoy with this sign in remembrance of that tragic day.

I pray that what we experienced this past year is remembered, as a shameful and violent act on democracy. What valuable lesson can we learn from it? May we show respect for others and stand up for diversity and inclusion. We need promote peace and unity like Dr. Martin Luther King did years ago, or there will be no brighter future for anyone.

Now ask yourself, who is your king? Jesus, is my King. Is He yours? Cause there isn’t anything too big for Him to handle. Nothing can tear us apart from Jesus’s love for humanity. May God’s love be upon the future of our country.

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