Revelation 12

In this Chapter 12 John reveals us about a dragon, who is Satan and that he was cast out of heaven. He also mentions a woman with eagle wings, who is the wife of God which is Israel. God made a covenant with Israel and His people.

The verses that stood out to me are 10 and 17 where God states upon belief we have salvation We need to keep God’s commands and follow Him. We must be wary of the Devil’s schemes. God has all power and authority over all. We are to share Christ with others. Jesus will return for us.

We need to remember Ephesians 6:10-11 we are to remain strong in the Lord. Because we are to put on the full armor of God daily, so that we can triumph over evil. God has prepared heaven for us. God sent Jesus His son to give us salvation. Be sure of you are living for Christ. Are you ready for Jesus return?

Jesus is our mighty fortress!

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