Media 101 Week 1

This is the first week of remote classes for Marist College. The Spring 2021 semester, I am teaching Introduction to Media Studies, which is basically about the different types of mass media. This week, we are covering Chapter 1 by discussing the convergence of information and communication technologies to form new types of digital media.

By reviewing the 3 C’s of convergence, which are communications, content, and computing students will discover how media has transformed over time. We will analyze various media channels throughout this semester. This week’s homework for my students will be to keep a digital diary to record how much they use media in a day. They will be learning what it means to be a digital native.

So far, key take away is that students will become educated debaters of hot news worthy topics based upon analyzing articles and other various media sources in groups. Students also have a term paper and presentation to do this semester on any mass communication topic and they can include a famous pioneer in media. It will be interesting to see who and what they select to write about for their media research project.

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